Hangover cures: the good, the bizarre, the international

Hangover cures: the good, the bizarre, the international

Your head’s pounding. Your heart is racing. One minute you’re hot. The next, you’re cold. You think that nothing can help you escape all the feelings that are happening throughout your body. But you can’t. Because…

You’re hungover.

And while you were sweating and swearing off the hooch (we’ve all been there), we hit the books—and by books we mean the internet because it’s not 1995—and found 7 hangover cures from around the world that people have been swearing by for years.

Drink ‘em up.


Japan: Umeboshi

The Japanese have dozens of recovery options but Umeboshi AKA pickled plums are the most talked about methods. Apparently, the natural enzymes and organic acids help ease nausea, while the salt replenishes depleted electrolytes. This sounds scientific with words like "enzymes" and "electrolytes"...so it must be true, right?


Ireland: Wet River Sand

Irish legend claims burying yourself up to your neck in the cold sand gets your blood pumping and wakes you up. While possibly refreshing, it seems like a great way to catch a cold, and an even better way to guarantee you’ll be finding sand in your belly button for days.


Italy: Pizzle

Wine hangovers might be the worst of the hangovers. And in Italy, they happen a lot. Which must be why they ended up moving beyond aspirin and onto pizzle, an old Sicilian remedy that involves snacking on dried bull…. Not so shockingly, this method isn’t as popular as it used to be, but there are still some believers out there.


Greece: Patsas

Pasta? In Greece? No, you’re hungover. Read closer. This is patsas, a hearty stew made from veggies and lamb stomach. And while the thought of putting lamb stomach into your stomach might not be the best visual, the Greeks have been around for literal ages. They probably know how to recover an epic party.


The UK: Full English Breakfast

Nothing cures the post-beer blues better than heaping plates of breakfast food. The full English breakfast, also known as a fry up, has proven an effective remedy for pub-goers and clubbers alike for decades, so cheers to that.


Panama: Sancocho de Gallina

Is there nothing chicken soup can’t cure? No. No there’s not. And this yummy Panamanian twist on chicken soup is a tried and true way to recover after you’ve fiesta-ed to hard. So what's the secret? We talked to every Panamanian grandmother we could find and they told us...culantro! A similar herb like cilantro, but with a "u" (duh) and a more intense flavor. Grandmas know everything.


United States: Pedialyte and cold pizza

This needs no explanation.

P.S.: EF Ultimate Break makes no promise to the validity of each hangover cure. But, try it out, and let us know which worked for you.

Heard of other crazy hangover cures? Tell us in the comments!


Try one of these cures in the place that came up with it

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