What to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled

What to do if your flight is delayed or cancelled

Photo c/o @sierranoelle 

Photo c/o @sierranoelle 

In the unlikely event that your flight is delayed or cancelled…

  1. Don’t worry!

    Take a deep breath. This is a totally normal thing with travel, and part of what keeps it exciting.

  2. Speak with an airline representative directly.

    If a delay causes you to miss a connection or the airline cancels a flight, it is their responsibility to get you a new one. This is your reservation; EF can’t make on-the-go changes.

  3. Be persistent; be flexible.

    If your flight was cancelled, tell the representative that you are flexible with how you get there, and that your timely arrival to a group tour is important, even if it means adding an extra leg to your itinerary.

  4. Update your Tour Director.

    Make sure they know about your new arrival time.

  5. Check your messages

    Keep checking your messages (email, texts, WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, etc.) via airport Wi-Fi when you land, just in case your Tour Director has any special instructions for meeting up with the group.

  6. Call us if you need help!

    Our 24-hour emergency line is at 617.619.1411. Ask to speak directly to an EF Ultimate Break representative; he or she will pass on your new flight info to your Tour Director.


For London arrivals only:

If your flight is delayed, but you remain on your original itinerary, your Tristar driver will automatically be updated. No need to do anything but enjoy the airport views. If your flight is delayed, cancelled or you miss a connection and require a new itinerary, follow these steps:

  1. Contact your Tour Director with your new flight number, airline and arrival time. They will update your Tristar chauffeur for you.
  2. If you can’t contact your Tour Director, give us a call at 617.619.1411—we’ll pass on the info before you arrive!


Keep in mind…

These instructions work for the stuff that isn’t your fault. However, if you miss a flight due to being late or forgetting your passport, the result is less forgiving. You’ll be responsible to pay for an entirely new itinerary. It won’t be cheap, and we cannot offer any refunds for portions of the trip you miss.

That said—


Yup, we’re all-caps'ing those babies. Double-check that your expiration date is at least six months after your return.

Keep calm and travel on—you’ll be there soon enough!

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